Our History

Justice League Football was founded on Aug. 28th, 2008 by its founder, Amin. He always had a passion for soccer but never got involved in playing on a regular basis until a friend invited him to play a pickup outdoor game in the summer of 2008. After playing a long summer of pickup games he fell in love with the sport and wanted to continue playing through the winter, but quickly found out that playing soccer was not cheap! So, one day he had an idea to start his own soccer league to bring affordable soccer to not only his friends but to the community as well. And thus, Justice League Football was born!

JLSoccer successfully ran its first 10-game indoor tournament in Jan 2009 at the Toronto SoccerPlex. After the tournament ended, a weekly indoor pickup game was started so that JLSoccer could use it as a portal to recruit players for its first outdoor season! The popularity of the indoor & outdoor pickup & leagues has grown immensely with a variety of players and talent participating.

The response has been great as JLSoccer continues to find new ways of getting its name known. JLSoccer has worked its way up into the top 10 searches on Google for results like 'toronto indoor soccer'. JLSoccer is slowly making its mark as an independent soccer league, and no matter how small or big things get, JLSoccer will continue to provide the best quality soccer and service.

Our Mission

JLSoccer.com is a soccer league based out of Toronto, Ontario, Canada which offers indoor and outdoor leagues, weekly indoor pickup games and also sells custom soccer uniforms, apparel and equipment. Games are held throughout the Greater Toronto Area all year round. Currently, JLSoccer provides men's weekly indoor pickup games, men's indoor and outdoor soccer leagues. In the future, JLSoccer hopes to expand more in the youth market, women and men over forty-five years of age and above by offering such activities as pickup games, training clinics and more leagues.

Justice League Football was created with the purpose of providing local communities with affordable soccer rates, quality customer service and game play, an outlet for individual players to participate and to spread the passion for the game and for the love of soccer!

JLSoccer hopes that by continuing to offer and better our services it will become the main source of soccer within our communities. Long term goals include concentrating on securing more sponsorships, charity events, investing more funds into marketing campaigns, more website improvements and expanding into various fields and facilities.

Our Name

The name Justice League started out as a joke between two friends while playing ping pong during College. Sometimes there would be a discrepancy as to whether or not the ball was in or out. They used the next match point to determine if that was really the case. Ultimately, they let the ball decide. If the ball turned out to be the opposite of what was claimed, they would say 'JUSTICE!'. They let the forces of nature take charge in the deciding factor.

For comic fans out there, the name is also based on the famous Justice League comics which can be found among the comic book collection of our founder.

The word 'Football' was used because soccer is known worldwide as football, and to stay true to the game even if it may cause some confusion! We are not to be mistaken for American Football!

"Association football, more commonly known as football or soccer, is a team sport played between two teams of eleven players using a spherical ball. Association football is the most popular football variant worldwide, and is widely considered to be the most popular sport in the world." ref

The official rules can be found on FIFA.com

Our Founder

Founder, League Organizer Founder, League Organizer
Richmond Green, the field where it all started.

Amin Kardan was born in Tehran, Iran and immigrated to Toronto, Ontario, Canada a few months before his 2nd birthday. He graduated from Seneca College in April, 2008 and received a diploma for Computer Networking and Technical Support, and looks forward to continuing his education. Other sports he enjoys playing include basketball, football and tennis and understands that an active lifestyle is a healthy one.

Other hobbies include producing music, song writing, guitar, chess, meeting people, being outdoors, cooking, exercising, reading, online gaming and computers. He hopes to bring more and more people together to appreciate the beauty of soccer by working together as a team and helping each other exceed their limits. He believes that perfection only comes with patience, practice and effort, much like wisdom, and looks forward to when he can look back on the journey that got him there.

"Because limits, like fear, are often just an illusion" - Michael Jordan