Outdoor Pickup Soccer
Fridays & Sundays

JLSoccer.com hosts a outdoor pickup game every Friday & Sunday at the Toronto City Sports Centre located at 32 Curity Avenue. The roster is filled up each week on a first come, first served basis. Come play, practice and show off with some of the finest indoor soccer players the GTA has to offer!


  • Price:
    • $10 for 2 hours + 15 minutes to warm up! Please bring exact change to save time
  • Location: 32 Curity Avenue - Toronto City Sports Centre
  • Times:
    • Fridays
      • 1st Session - 6:30-8:45PM
      • 2nd Session - 8:45-11:00PM
    • Sundays
      • 1st Session - 6:30-8:45PM
      • 2nd Session - 8:45-11:00PM
  • No commitment but must sign up weekly 1-2 days prior to the scheduled pickup. Please specify name(s), phone number and email of each player wishing to participate. Please, do not show up without receiving confirmation of your spot(s).
  • Sign up:
    • Phone: 416-500-8946
    • Email: admin@JLSoccer.com
  • Cancellations: You must notify us well in advance if you're unable to make it. Canceling a few hours prior to gametime, or no shows, will not be tolerated.If you confirm a slot and do not show up, you will be fined $5. If it happens twice, or fines are left unpaid, you will be unable to participate in any future JLSoccer pickups.
  • Our outdoor pickup games max out at 28 players which 4 teams are made up of 7 players making it 7vs7. If there are less players, rules may vary slightly. In the event there are 4 teams, play time will be 2 goals to win or 7 minutes before a change. If a team scores 2 goals, a coin will be flipped to determine who plays next. If there are 3 teams, then play time will be 2 goals or 7 minutes before a change. If both teams tie, both teams come off. The two teams who tied will flip a coin to decide who plays next.

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Outdoor Pickup Soccer Rules

Pickup is a soccer activity which is open to anyone who wants to participate. Teams are made on the spot and the best part about pickup soccer is that each week there is a different turnout of players.

* Please make payments before the game. If a player shows up without payment, JLSOCCER reserves the right to refuse participation. If you need to go to the bank, please do so. Even if that means you will be showing up late. No excuses will be tolerated. *

Rules of Play:

  • 2 goals or 7 minutes.
  • No slide tackling!
  • Respect a call if a call is made!
  • If the ball goes out of bounds, it is replayed by a kick-in from the line.
  • A re-kick is issued if a kick-in does not successfully enter in the field of play.
  • Goalies cannot pickup the ball if it is passed back to them by their own player except if it bounces off their teammates head.
  • The entire ball must be outside the line in order to be called out.
  • You may not score directly with a kick-in or free kick.
  • Only if a player intentionally commits a hand-ball, a direct free kick is issued.
  • No complaining! No fighting! Just have fun!